Colosan Powder 200g (replaces Colozone - same effective product just different name)

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200 gram jar   

Six month supply


This oxygen promoting colon cleanser is the best of the oxygen, ozone, intestinal and colon cleaning products. Colosan will gently oxidize and cleanse the intestines and colon using oxygen to remove the putrefaction that is accumulating in your intestines and your colon. Stop reabsorbing toxins and get more nutrients out of your food by oxidizing and eliminating the 6 to 12 pounds of excess in your plumbing. With Colosan you can dissolve impaction, eliminate toxins, prevent the overgrowth of undesirable flora, and enjoy regularity with proper colon hygiene.    

Colosan is a proprietary blend of various of Magnesium Oxides made specifically to gently release oxygen in the digestive tract for the purpose of cleansing and detoxing. Colosan releases oxygen in the intestines for rapid and thorough (yet gentle) cleansing… creating a clean and healthful internal environment and enhancing nutrient uptake. It provides needed oxygen for proper digestion and cleans digestive membranes to allow better uptake of nutrients. Once the digestive tract is free of unwanted wastes the oxygen liberated by Colosan free to be asimilated through the walls of the intestines and colon providing needed metabolic oxygen.

Colosan should be considered "square one" in any health regimen. By cleaning the organs of elimination first, most "healing crises" or detox reactions can be avoided. Colosan can enhance the effectiveness of nutrient based regimens, particularly those taken orally. A more powerfully gentle, yet natural colon and intestinal cleanser is hard to find!

This product is manufactured from minerals which have been specially treated by a process developed by NASA to obtain maximum possible oxygen release.


Colosan contains: 3,710 mg of Magnesium (from magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide) per 7 gram serving. 

Other ingredients: None


Suggested use:  (Adult) as a dietary supplement, mix one heaping teaspoon (7 grams) with 8oz water or beverage of your choice. Then Stir and drink. Follow this with half glass of water mixed with fresh squeezed half lemon. Colosan should be consumed on a empty stomach. Use daily for first week. Use once every other day the second week. Use of this product may be repeated in one month if necessary. Easy access to a bathroom is advised for several Hours after consuming Colosan

 Contains no: added sugar, starch, wheat, yeast, preservatives, artificial colors or flavor.

 *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review