Doctor's Best Astaxanthin 6 mg 30 Softgels

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Best Astaxanthin (6 mg) 30 Softgels

Supports Memory and Other Higher Brain Functions

Improves Vision and Relieves Eye Fatigue


  • Versatile cell membrane and wholebody protectant*
  • Supports healthy blood flow and vessel integrity*
  • Promotes healthy, integrated immune response*
Best Astaxanthin supplies natural astaxanthin, an exceptionally valuable carotenoid nutrient, along with other naturally occurring carotenoids. Astaxanthin is an ultrapotent antioxidant with unique effects on cell membranes that manage important life functions. This action is linked to clinically proven benefits for the circulation and for vision, immunity, and overall well-being. Doctor’s Best is pleased to offer this breakthrough nutrient at clinical potency.

Best Astaxanthin supplies astaxanthin, a xanthophyll carotenoid nutrient with unique molecular properties, along with other naturally occurring carotenoids. Astaxanthin has a diverse range of health benefits related to its powerful effects on cell membranes and bioenergy production.

The body cannot make astaxanthin. It is made by algae, and moves up the food chain when the algae are consumed as food. It gives the red color to seafoods such as salmon, trout, crab, shrimp, lobster, and krill, but these astaxanthin foods are not common in most diets. Doctor’s Best is pleased to offer this nutrient in its natural form, as a solvent-free concentrate from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, and at full clinical potency.

*More information below supplement facts*
Astaxanthin also fights free radicals differently from most other antioxidants. Rather than donate electrons, as most antioxidants do, astaxanthin neutralizes radicals by taking electrons from them. This property gives the astaxanthin molecule better stability than other antioxidants, and therefore it can remain active longer in the membrane. Astaxanthin’s membrane presence very likely provides backup for the more delicate membrane antioxidants such as tocopherols (vitamin E) and ubiquinone (“CoQ”).


Counters Oxidative Stress Related to Aging
A 2009 trial recruited postmenopausal women aged 65 years or younger, and selected 20 of them with above-average oxidative stress—a relative excess of free radical activity over antioxidant capacity, as measured in their blood.1 These women then received astaxanthin (12 mg per day) for 12 weeks. Astaxanthin significantly increased their blood antioxidant capacity, and lowered their systolic and diastolic blood pressures. The group reported significant improvement of “tired eyes,” “stiff shoulders,” “constipation,” and “cold skin,” and “difficulty in falling asleep.”

Astaxanthin’s capacity to counter free radicals, and its plethora of benefits for memory and other brain functions, vision, cardiovascular health, insulin and blood sugar management, and immunity all suggest this is a premier nutrient for overall healthy aging. Astaxanthin provides profound support for cell membrane integrity and the mitochondria’s crucial energy production, both of which are core features of the well recognized free radical theory of aging.2 By protecting membranes and facilitating mitochondrial efficiency3,4 astaxanthin promotes our health and wellbeing at every stage of life.
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